Our Partners

One company – many advantages

If you, as our customer, are abroad and in need of the same services we will act as an intermediary or handle the contact for you.


By efficient planning of traffic and choices of vehicles, we actively work to reduce our impact on the environment. Contact us for a complete policy of environmental impact.


Our unique concept of service demands a great deal from us. The right education is just as important as the social skills of our staff. All of our drivers are educated in safety, CPR and do regularly practice on skidpan. Besides that we are well educated in customer care and we have of course good local knowledge in the whole part of West Sweden. Our drivers are at least bilingual – most of them also master a third language. It is important to us that your guests get the right answers to their questions.

Security driver

Our security drivers know how to act with full control in critical situations. Some of our drivers are particularly educated in security issues. We adjust to a world around us that is getting harder. We can take responsibility so that you and your family will be safely transported to and from daycare, spare time activities and other activities. Let us help you transport your family, so you can be confident that they are traveling the best and safest way.

Road safety

To minimize the risks in traffic and to create a safe environment for passenger and driver as possible we chose our cars from a safety perspective. All vehicles are continuously serviced and meticulously taken care of First Class down to the level of details.